Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine (kinda) Wreath

Well now I'm totally obsessed with having a cute wreath on my door at all times. It all began before Christmas with a trip to Tai Pan Trading (as most obsessions tend to start). I think I had a coupon for a wreath (and my mom gave me her coupon to use as well... score!!) so I was on a mission to find one. I found two that I love: one for fall and one for Christmas/winter. Well lately I've been debating how long to leave up my "winter" wreath, until I saw this one from Delia Creates. I got started immediately. It was a lot of cutting, and I got lost in a web or two of hot glue, but I think it turned out great.

I made one for Easter/springtime too! Now I need to figure out a summertime wreath...


HollyMag said...

OK, that is too cute! I'd say more but i need to go to my one on one with 'da boss'

Anonymous said...


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