Monday, December 13, 2010


I love my small group. We're very close and spend lots of time together. Most of the time we hang out, it's at the Davis' house. Over the years, their amount of coasters has dwindled. Since I always feel bad about setting my cup on their glass table top, I thought I'd make them some coasters for Christmas. They have kids, so I thought chalkboard coasters would be a fun idea!

I think these would be fun for all of us. How great would these be for a wine tasting party?? (By the way, wine tasting is my new favorite activity)

So I packaged them up and will present them with a package of chalk and an eraser.

I didn't take any pictures along the way, but these are just tiles from Home Depot. I primered them and spray-painted the chalkboard paint. Once they were dry, I hot glued cork board to the bottoms. To get the chalkboard look completely ready I rubbed a piece of chalk all over the top surface, and then erased it. They might not be super-absorbant, but they're cute.


mama said...

Cute idea! Great for a group - everyone will know which glass is theirs. ma

HollyMag said...

Those are too cute! You are so creative! I'm jealous.

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