Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Handmade Gifts

Can you believe Christmas is only a little more than one month away?! Well, I am still in disbelief. This year, instead of last-minute panicking I decided to just buy things throughout the year. I'm way ahead of where I normally am this time of year. But... I'm still not done. My goal is to be done by December, that way I can spend more time on my wrapping presentations. Considering I just started class last night, we'll see if my plan even gets off the ground. I am feeling pretty confident in posting these pictures because I'm sure my sisters and mom (love you guys) won't check this before I remind them to. I've tried to add a little hand-made something to each of their gift piles, and this is just the beginning. I made little pouches for them.

The doggy one is for my younger sister, the yellow for my older sister, and the paisley is for my mom. I only got a decent shot of the yellow one's inside.

I've become comfortable with these little pouches, but I think I need to branch out and try something else. I tried a pillowcase for my little sister with this adorable doggy print.

And here it is with the pillow form

Happy Christmas gifting!


German said...

I'm the worst at all types of gifts. Thanks for the great list.

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Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Just adorable Summer!! :)

mama said...

I'll act surprised! Really cute. I love the doggy fabric.

janetfenton12 said...

Good written here!I want to make handmade gifts for my mother.Thanks for inspired to me...
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