Monday, July 26, 2010

Melissa's baby shower!

The shower was a success! We had a wonderful time on Saturday. My amazing friend, Jen, came to help me get things set up (and she stayed to help me get things cleaned up, too!!) I couldn't have done it without her. I wish I either knew how to use photoshop or knew how to take a better picture, but I'll post what I took at the shower, anyway. I'm pretty eager for Michelle to teach me her photo skills :)

First, here are some decoration shots

I sewed the animal print flag banners together. I made four of them, one to hang on each of the windows. The "Christopher" sign is difficult to see, but I used my Cricut and some twine for that one. The lanterns were great. They arrived at the very last minute, but I'm really glad they came.

I got a small copy of the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and used that for the guest book. The favors were cinnamon rolls, and the prizes were zebra tins with gift cards and candy.

On the other windows, under the flag banners I hung onesies with mini clothes pins.

I have no idea why these pictures are so dark! Please forgive my sad photos :)

Anyway, for food we had a build-your-own-slider bar, with pasta salad, fruit salad, chips and cupcakes. We also had lemonade and a fun blue-green punch.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the cupcakes. I tried out this frosting and it was AMAZING.

I put together a basket for the "Make a onesie for Christopher" activity.

That was tons of fun. The guests could decorate either a onesie or a burp cloth with ric rac, fabric pens, felt, and adorable iron-on cutouts that my incredible friend Michelle prepared for me. They turned out great!

These made for one happy mama-to-be.

We played a few games too. We did the traditional word scramble.

We also blindfolded each girl and saw how many cotton balls she could scoop out of a bowl and into another in thirty seconds, but apparently I forgot to take pictures of that. For the last game we played, each guest took a card, and had to draw a picture of a baby... with the card placed on their forehead! This was absolutely hilarious!

Melissa got to pick the winner of this game. Jen's baby picture won!

The shower was lots of fun and I'm so glad Melissa had a good time! I can't wait to meet baby Christopher!!


Michelle Azar said...

It looks like it was SOOO much fun! I'm sorry I didn't make it in time to take photos! Great job on everything, though!

Judy said...

cute job!

Anonymous said...

i love it!!, love mom

Summer said...

Thanks, Michelle! The onesies came out so cute!! Thank you for your help!!

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