Wednesday, July 7, 2010


4th of July weekend was wonderful! Our small group spent it together in Palm Springs, enjoying air conditioning, the pool and some sun. On 4th of July we went to a park in Palm Desert to watch an awesome firework show.
Since I did warn you that this blog would partially be about parenting a pig, I'll talk about that too. I left Bacon with my mom over the weekend. I like to think that he missed me. I was a nervous wreck leaving him (hey, I don't have kids). I was sure he would wake up her neighbors in the middle of the night, demanding food like he does to me. But she said he slept clear til 8AM! So I brought him home with me yesterday, and he's surprisingly a pleasant passenger. He was excited to see the grass again, and maybe even excited to see the dogs. He got to lay in the sun and most importantly, he got back to eating the overgrown weeds. A visit with Grandma is always fun, but it's good to be home.


Michelle Azar said...

I think I want Bacon to be the subject of my next photography shoot. Yes, indeedy, I do!

Summer said...

YES! I would love that!!!

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